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Effluent Treatment Plant for Food Industry

Food Industry Effluent Treatment Plants Manufacturer

Richa Environmental Services Private Limited based in New Delhi NCR India. We are manufacturer of Effluent Treatment Plants for Food Industry.

Food Industry Effluent Treatment Plant is characterized on the basis of nature of the processing unit. Waste and wastewater generated from food processing unit is different in terms of pollutants produced from each other.


What Richa Environmental offer for Food Industry's wastewater?


We at Richa Environmental Services Pvt Limited offer engineering based Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP ) for different Food Industries, food industry wastewater characteristics changes with the change in food processing


  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Dairy Processing Wastewater generation

  • Food waste water treatment

  • Effluent Treatment plant for Sea Food Processing Industry loaded with high organic BOD and COD

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Meat processing unit or Slaughter house Wastewater treatment plant

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for palm oil wastewater generated from the oil Industry

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Olive Oil manufacturing units

  • Waste treatment in the food processing industry

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Potato processing Units or potato chips manufacturers or Potato snacks Manufacturing units or any other form of Potato Wastewater generation

  • Soft Drink Manufactures Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Beverage industry Wastewater treatment

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Bakery Industry

  • Effluent Treatment plant for Food Waste treatment

  • Effluent Treatment Plant for vegetable processing or fruit pulp manufacturers or fruit processing units

  • Water treatment food processing industry

  • Wastewater Treatment for Rice mills or Starch manufacturing ETP type of starch manufacturing are corn starch and potato starch effluent treatment Plants


Whether you are manufacturer or supplier We have got all type of ETP for your peace of mind.

There are so many Effluent Treatment Plants Manufacturers in the field, Richa Environmental is the best choice for your Industry because

  1. We understand nature of your Industry and modify design of Effluent Treatment Plant according to the nature of the pollutants

  2. Richa Environmental upgrade your Industry's standards by installing quality Effluent Treatment Plants

  3. Effluent Treatment Plants designed and developed by Richa Environmental consumes less energy and makes your investment fruitful.


Richa Environmental came into existence to give the best out of client's investment. We saw customers were spending unlimited money in Effluent Treatment Plants and still they were unable to get the desired results, After studying the market We found out that it the companies who are providing them were not worthy, Those companies were run by marketing people with no or limited knowledge of nature of Effluent produced from the different food Industry's segment.

To fill this void Richa Environmental came into existence to design and develop based on research and engineering constraints.


Trust Richa Environmental based on engineering reasoning, Put your faith in Richa Environmental based on past experiences and big brands as clients.


Feel free to contact us an experienced engineering will solve all your effluent treatment related worries.

Challenges associated with different food industry's Effluent

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